Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brilliant Bernie Burns It Down

Bernie Endorses Hillary.

How disgusting is that?
Not surprising. Predictable in fact. But disgusting nonetheless.

Not proud to admit that, over the past couple of months, I have preyed on naive liberal friends who actually believed that Bernie was going to act independently, take it to the convention, wreak havoc on the corrupt Democratic Party.

I bet that he wouldn't, that he was not an Independent, he was Democrat as they come, that he would endorse Hillary before the convention.

Again, not proud.

Bernie is cut from the same cloth as Dennis Kucinich -- wedded to the corrupt party. Bowing down to power. Kucinich got a ride with Obama on Air Force One. Bernie got a hug from Hillary.

That's what they do.

Build a "movement."

Then burn it down.

During the battle over Obamacare on the Hill, I asked Sanders why he was supporting Obamacare when he stood for single payer.

I pointed out what he already knew -- that they are two different systems -- Obamacare controlled by the health insurance companies and written by their lobbyists -- single payer a public system that cuts the health insurance companies out of the game.

Sanders snarled at me, told me not to lecture him and walked away in a huff.

Into the arms of the corrupt Democratic Party.

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  1. Could it be that The Donald is the "peacenik" among the major party nominees in this election cycle? The Donald and Putin are best buds, as it were, so that at least under the Donald, we won't be nuked under his watch. On the other hand, that warmongering bitch on the DINO side is apparently "all in" on war with the Russkies, and there is even a new book by a retired general predicting a NATO war with said Russkies in May of 2017. Is the Donald really the LESSER EVIL?